How It Works


  1. Select from flexible subscriptions
  2. Enter location and contact information
  3. Agree to background and Motor Vehicle checks and list at least 2 references
  4. Answer brief compatibility questions
  5. Make your profile live and start connecting with potential clients
  6. Get paid – Join the ideal family and provide them with exceptional service!


  1. Select from flexible subscriptions
  2. Answer brief compatibility questions from drop-down menus
  3. View profiles of PRESCREENED assistants matching your specified selections and time requirements
  4. Perform live online interviews and view references
  5. Hire your “Perfect Match” assistant
  6. Pay your assistant and enjoy the peace of mind a MommyMaiDD can offer your family

Why We’re Different

Individualized mommy personal assistants is just one of the things that makes us different, MommyMaiDD will also utilize a one of a kind, patent protected, algorithm inspired matching technology which makes us unique. We place emphasis on primarily providing assistance for the parents’ innovative needs as well as flexible in-home childcare assistants. No cookie cutter babysitter or nanny, we are the true matchmakers of the childcare industry! We want to make it convenient and safe for every parent and assistant who joins MommyMaiDD™ which is why every provider (assistant) listed on MommyMaiDD.com has to pass a background check.